24 October 2017

Life as a procrastinator

Procrastination is my middle name. When it comes to pretty much everything in life, I find a way to postpone it. Like growing up, settling down, getting a real job. It took me eight years to get my driver's license. Just saying. It's a part of me that I'm so used to, I forget I'm even doing it. 

While living on an island in Canada, I dreamt of having a place and endless time to write and do nothing but write. But at that point, I was working three jobs, seven days a week. Even though I had a house, there was not enough time. Why not Mexico, I thought. I can fly to Mexico, rent a room for a couple of months and just write. Yes! The plan was there. The only thing was, it felt too easy. Why fly when I can drive? Enjoy the scenery, visit the USA. A three month road trip, yes! And then, when I arrive in Mexico and travel around for a bit, I will find a place to stay for a while and finally start writing.

Perfect. Except for the fact that plans would not be plans if they wouldn't change as soon as you think you're in control. So Mexico turned into Spanish daydreams of living in Granada and there, I would write. Driving by yourself for many many miles through wide open roads is the most fertile place and time for new ideas to pop up. So Spain it would be! I would fly there after visiting friends and family in Belgium for Christmas. And find a spot, set up shop, a room with a big window, a desk with a paper and pencil, looking out over beautiful Granada.

Perfect! Until the heat of the midday desert sun projected a thought in my head: why fly? When I can walk! The Camino de Santiago, and then a bit further down to Granada! Genius! It would take me a couple of months, I'd collect so many stories along the way. Until I arrive in the south of Spain and burst with writings! Like an explosion of inspiration, no time to stop moving that pen, and when the paper runs out, there are always the walls! Like a poet I live in a cave, words scribbled all around me. In hibernation for months, wrapped in stories to keep me warm. 

By the time I settle in, summer will be on its way. Festivals, friends, holidays. I might get itchy feet again. And that, my friend, is how you procrastinate like a pro. 

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