7 December 2017

My baby Lélé

Because it feels like the entire world is having babies, I decided to have my own. Not a human, but a business baby. Something to take care of, but it doesn't require a partner to make it. And instead of waking me up in the middle of the night, it makes my room smell nice because I have bags of herbs and flowers piled up in my bedroom. Which is now a tea studio with a bed. Yes, indeed! Lélé's Garden is open for business!

This is what I have been doing during my short time in Belgium, apart from drinking wine with friends and selling Rituals massage candles to old ladies: creating teas like a maniac! After my herbalism studies three years ago, I started to experiment with herbs and essential oils. Then I went travelling for two years, gathering inspiration, dreaming of a herbal shop of my own. 'Lélé's Garden' in big letters, flowers everywhere. Me, happily creating potions, brews and all the goods. Playing records, drinking tea. Some call it a crazy grandma hobby, others just smile politely when I say I'm a herbalist, mixing herbs to get your mojo working like never before.

They think I'm joking, but I'm for real. I spent the past weeks creating 10 herbal blends I will sell at two markets in Leuven this weekend: Camping Flamingo on Saturday, and the Christmas Market on the Martelarenplein on Sunday. Come on over and I will tell you all about my magical brews! You may think I'm a witch or a granny in the body of a young woman and you're probably right! But try my tea and you will notice: they work their magic. 

Interested in the herbs but can't make it to Leuven this weekend? No worries, you can also order online, through Lélé's Garden facebook page, my facebook page, this website or good old email: jokederoeck@gmail.com. My phone and doorbell work mighty fine too. 

What's on the menu?

1) Christmas Morning: the ultimate fruit + spice blend to get you in the mood for Christmas.
2) Wild Flowers: for the wild ones! Put a flower in your hair, wander the streets of San Francisco and celebrate the Summer of Love for ever! Or just drink a cup of Wild Flowers.
3) Rock n Roll Skin: a detox blend to purify the skin. Or how to rock that flawless skin like never before.
4) Kung Fu Flu: beats the flu out of you. A winter must have! Especially if you live in Belgium or any other winter wonderland.
5) The Feminist: takes the grumpy out of that grumpy week. Balances hormones and reduces pms so you can focus on ruling the planet. Because who runs the world? Right.
6) Good Morning Energy: to wake up like every day is the best day of your life! Great alternative for your much needed cup of coffee. 
7) sweet Dreams: makes you feel relaxed, destressed, sleeeeeepy.
8) After Dinner: digestea to help digestion, perfect after a big Christmas dinner or any meal that requires sweatpants.
9) Passion Potion: spice up your love life! Awaken your inner tiger/tigress and get that mojo working!
10) Happy Smoke: an uplifting, relaxing smoke blend. Totally legal and goooood for you!

Only € 5,90 for one bag! € 15 for three bags!

Mix and match! Get your Christmas shopping on! Support the locals! And all that jazz.

Lélé's Garden and her crazy witchy granny owner thank you.

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