30 September 2017

Sunrise in her eyes

I've been trying this new thing lately. It goes like this: waking up at 6 am to bundle up, walk to the beach and watch the sunrise. Then I pick a cafe with ocean view and write. Travelling the world, going to transformational festivals and then, after 28 years, I find out about this. The thing that is really changing my life. The good old sunrise, the start of a fresh, newborn day. The only times I've enjoyed this phenomenon is in a blurry state, after a long night of dancing. Or when I have to wake up early for a flight. But never in my life have I woken up at the crack of dawn to enjoy the silence, the peace that exists only for those awake before the light of day.

I can't tell you exactly what it is that makes me hop out of bed in the dark of night and get out of the door wrapped in warm layers. I'm not a morning person. I love the magic of the night, the creative hours, all the things you can do when the world is asleep. It's a feeling if secrecy, of knowing something others don't. It's magic. It's addictive. It's my caffeine urge, all my itches and desires. They exist in the dead of night. And right before the sun appears over the horizon, those minutes of living in limbo between dark and light, night and day, that's where all my addictions, obsessions, longings are satisfied. 

When the sun starts the day, that's when I begin mine. I can write for hours on end, watching Santa Cruz wake up. I can't believe this has not been a part of my life for so long! It's like eating meat after ten years of being a vegetarian, or having sex for the first time: a whole new world opens up! All of a sudden you can choose everything on the menu again, or spend your free time trying all these new things! It's great! You think I'm being ridiculous, but I'm for real. I would put sunrise right on that list: meat, sex, sunrise.

Happy days!

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